I have a migration project to move the dns and dhcp services from a single linux system (debian) to a new 3 Node OES2 cluster.
The new cluster is up and running with nss-pools and the latest SLES 10SP1 and OES2 Updates, the eDir is mixed tree with NW65.SP5 cluster.

I read the post from Frank Langner, i agree that the Novell Online docu to setup dns and dhcp in OES2 cluster is not very usefull.
I create new eDir user "dhcpd" and "named", LUM-enabled with the SAME UID, remove that user from /etc/passwd,the "id" show the eDir user.

So the questions are:
A) DHCP with nss-cluster pool
1) Is it possible to configure a "Virtual DHCP" Server with the SAME ip-address on ALL cluster nodes?.
When i migrate the DHCP-nss-pool to the next cluster node, the client DHCP request get a response from the eth0 of clusternode and not from the virtual ip-address of the DHCP nss pool. So at the client site i see not the Original-DHCP Server, if i migrate the DHCP-Server.
In iManager i can create a new DCHP-Server, but i cannot connect this new server to virtual DHCP-Server. (In OES2-NW where is a command line switch)

B) DNS with nss-cluster pool
If i read the documentation
1) 15.3.2 Verifying NCS Setup
"Ensure that the NCS: NCP Server attribute is included in the Valued Attribute list." I check the cluster-node-object, the virtual-server-object and the nss-pool-object, but I don't have such NCS:NCP Server attribute, must i check or extend the schema?

C) I check the DNS/DHCP Management Console (DNSDHCP.tar.gz), but i see diff information in iManager, if i try to manage host entry with fixed ip-address.

D) Any good tools to import or convert the linux conf-file to eDir ?
Thanks for any help or hints
Regards Lutz