I just read that MS plans to release it's AV software for free.

<not in story>
Eventually probably making it a mandatory download under Windows Update
and probably eventually including it with Windows.

<mini rant>
First of all why would you pay Microsoft a dime for AV. The company is
a major reason you need AV software to begin with. Now I'm not actually
opposed to them making it free. After all AVG and Avast have free home
edition and I'm sure theirs other free AV offering out there. However,
if at some point they either make it available on Windows Update, even
as simply an optional download, or include it with Windows then I say
through Microsoft to the wolves. If other AV companies are smart they
will sue the **** out of Microsoft. Doing that with with IE effectively
killed browser competition for years.

I'm jumping the gun on this. Microsoft probably won't actually make
it's AV available via WU or include it with any future versions of
Windows. I just wanted to complain about Microsoft. That's all.

Matthew - The Great System Tyrant