Is there a solution for implementing secure wireless authentication
against eDirectory?

We have installed a number of those solutions for several costumers
against Microsoft.
All those solutions were implemented using PEAP with Nortel or Cisco,
Radius (IAS or ACS), Active Directory and Windows XP with SP2. The
configuration of the client was done with a GPO.

Our problem is that we have a customer that is running Novell eDirectory
and they want a similar solution.
I have searched Novells Knowledgebase and this forum without finding the
article I need. Some of the articles I find reefers to Funk Software, and
some to FreeRadius. Will I really need an extra Radius-server and an
extra client (the support is in XP SP2!?)

Two more questions:
What is the recommended solution?
Why can't Novell implement the needed support in their Novell Client and
their own RADIUS??