we are using ZEN7Sp1IR3aHp1_Okt_08 Update drivers. on nw 656 Servers.

after we have updated from ZEN7SP1IR1 to IR3aHP1 its not possible to image the notebook ( see above )

We have updated to ZEN7SP1IR3aHP1_NOVEMBER_08 same s**t didnt work.
is there anybody out there who use this kind of notebooks.

if i could, i want to operate the driver from the old initrd to the new once, but i cant do that ...... *'`!$%

is there patch for making this working again......, or is there anybody who can give me a hint, to make it work back again.

the command line tells something from no networkcard found bla bla bla.....

i have tried to use all the three images / patches from november 08 ( ZCM / ZFD7 / ZLM2 nothing works ......

GIVE UP . . . . .