I'm having a bit of a problem with ConsoleOne snapins and RADIUS objects.
The Radius DAS object appears as unknown on all my systems running
ConsoleOne 1.3.6d. I have one system running v1.3.6 and the radius objects
appear fine. All consoleone installations have the same NMAS snapins
loaded (from the iChain CD). I recall having to copy radius.atr to the
consoleone/bin directory to get it working the first time but this doesn't
seem to do the trick on these other workstations.

Also, almost out of the blue, I don't see the my new (RSA) login process
listed under the login methods of the user object properties anymore. I'm
not sure what has changed as it's only been about two weeks since I've been
out to this site. It still works for the users that I previously setup but
I can't configure new users.

Does anyone have any thoughts?