I created a base image for my test machine because I have to wipe it quite often. I didn't load the zenworks agent on it because I wasn't sure what that would do to the image. The image is just the OS and drivers. I usually just install the zenworks agent manually to the machine. Let say for instance I give the machine the name of test and register it to zenworks. I do all my testing and need to wipe it clean to test something else so I restore the image. I restore the image and install the zen agent but this time the machine name is test2. Once the zen agent installs and reboots the machine it will come up and give a message about zenworks imaging and reboot. After the second reboot, the machine is renamed to test. This wouldn't be an issue if I wasn't testing in an AD environment and once it comes up with the new machine name I can't log into the domain. My question is will this happen if I made another image without the zenworks agent and decide to deploy it to a group of machines and if so how do we resolve this issue?