I recently discovered the docs for TCPD and hosts.deny/hosts.allow on SLED 10.1 and immediately thought great!, I don't want any services presented by my desktop, so I'll just set hosts.deny to ALL:ALL.

A bit later, I noticed that I'd lost my printing from Linux, and after puzzling around, I'm guessing that iPrint uses CUPS "as if" my desktop is a print server.

Is that basically correct?

I'm relying on the GUI still, and Yast "View System Log" is very nice, but if a logfile is not in it's dropdown list I tend to miss it. Is there any way to add a logfile (like /var/cups/error_log) to it?

So I must now allow at least on some services? Do I need also to allow the iPrinter server as well?

The services I see that seem to be likely candidates are "cuspd", "ipp", "lpd", "in.printer".
What set of these are required?