Question... I am running NMAS RADIUS from v3.8 BMAS CDROM, NetWare 6.5,
SP2 and finally after a month or so, I got RADIUS to work. One issue.
The older version of RAIDUS that worked perfectly for six years would
ignore grace logins and allow the user to login. Since upgrading and
finally working through all the idiosyncrasies to get this to work, users
that login via RADIUS and their password has expired, the grace logins
decremnt. I don't want this to happen and the older versions (before 3.8)
you could load RADIUS on the serve with an option of DECREMENTGRACELOGINS
= NO which would ignore grace logins. This doesn't work with NMAS RADIUS
3.8. The command line will load with the option without error but grace
logins will be decremented.
Anyone know how to fix this up? I don't want to pay another $150.00 to
get this "Free" product to work (Free like a puppy)