Greetings, all...

OES2 NetWare
(2) print queues serviced by printer agents
(3) printer agents
(1) broker
(1) manager
(1) server in this container
ENS modules loaded
Default print job configuration for each of the affected agents has directed notifications set for job completion, job abort, paper out, etc.

Agents service queues as expected
No notifications are given

What am I missing insofar as setting up notifications to pass to the queue from the agent and thus to the client?

Clients are running OS/2 requester with (2) captured ports (one to each queue). One client is running W2K (write fault errors galore when printing from it to the iPrint objects, so back to the queue with it!). Both OSes display the same behavior.

If it weren't for the notifications, I'd just as soon use CUPS on the OS/2 (eComStation) machines to print to the iPrint objects (ipp://), but those great Novell job status messages can't be beat on any platform. ;-)

Thoughts on this, anyone?