I have installed BM 3.8 + BM3.8SP3 in a tree where BM3.5 is installed (proxy
+ radius).
I have created with c1 (version 1.3.6D) a new DAS and a DAP object.
I can add clients to the DAS object but after the save when I reopen the
object all the clients are disappeared.
I some cases when I started C1 from another workstation I could see the
clients in the das object. What could be the cause of this ?
I my test environment where I was working only with BM3.8SP3 without any
older bm version in that tree I didn't have this problem.

When I try to connect with the program ntradping I receive the error unknown
radius client, access request dropped.

I have also a question about the version of NMAS we have to use, It isn't
clear to me wich version we must install:

When you first install nw65 with the overlay cd nw65sp2, then BM 3.8 and BM
3.8SP3 and finally NW6.5SP3, the version of NMAS is 2.3.7..

When you install nw65 with the overlay cd nw65sp3, then BM 3.8 and BM
3.8SP3, border manager is downgrading the version of NMAS to 2.2.0, even
you select not to overwrite older files.

Thanks for any help,

Bearelle Jacques