Have a customer having problem randomly mapping homedirectory.
Gets 8884 error.
The script just fails on homedirectory.
Mappings on other drives, residering on the same server, and on the
same volume works fine.
Somtimes user have to logout and login for 4-5 times, and then it may
work. Sometimes it works at once.

This error just appears in one site.
Network have several sites, connected via 10 to 100 Mbits network, all
layer 2 switched, no routing, no L3.
No errors have been reported from the other site, just from one.

Read some about SLP. Clients are configerd with static SLPDA-server
and scope in the client. Looks fine with SLPINFO /ALL.

Clients are WinXP,4.91 sp4. Server is OES Linux, and NSS-volume.

Have tried to disable BadNameCaching.

The ordinary mappings is eDir-style, ie "map root
Homedir maps with %HOME_DIRECTORY.

And problem does not appear always... But to often for the user to get
mad about it.