Helle there,

Last week I upgraded BM37 to BM38 on a NW51sp7 server.

At the end of the upgrade you can migrate your radius configuration to NMAS.

The RADMIG.NLM was abending the server on a specific user. When we removed
the radius settings from this user the radmig utility went further, but
with a lot of errors.

Here's some of the radmig.log:
Enter the full DN (typeless, without leading dot) of the Dial Access
System you wish to upgrade:
Searching for a writable replica containing

Enter the password for the DAS: Login Successful

Migrate Dial Access Password to Simple Password (Y/N)?: Yes
Overwrite existing Simple Passwords (Y/N)?: Yes
Enter the container to search for users
(Press [Enter] to search the entire tree): Root
Reading DAS object...
Updating client list...

Error -1659
RADIUS for NMAS Migration Utility

I had to reboot the server to get this fixed.

We also saw this error:
Error -601 reading DAS assignment.

After starting radmig again this error was gone too.

Does anybody know what these errors are and why radmig.nlm is abending the
server on one specific user?

thanks for your help

Ruud van der Zwet