Hello All:
I am assuming this is the "politically correct" forum for posting this.
I work for one of those organizations that still use Netware as an OS.
We have IDM,ZDM, F&P etc all on Netware 6.5

We have used 3rd Party Real time File system Audit Products in our env
for years dating back to NW 4.x

At the point we decided to get off NW 5.1 (3-4 years ago) we looked at
going to OES Linux, but discovered we had an issue that could not be
resolved. We stayed on Netware because of the issue.

The issue was this there were no real time file system audit products
like e.g. Netvision or Blue lance LT Auditor for NSS when hosted on OES
There is / was no shortage of FILE SYSTEM audit products available for
NSS on Netware. NSS on OES Linux is chopped liver.

It would seem that this is still true to this day.
audit software vendors do not seem to have this functionality on a
product road map.

Unfortunately for us this issue will represents and stamped and
processed exit visa for OES.

Anyone out there know DIFFERENT ?