Hello All
I have problem to accessing my old backup email.
In my previous position, the university had a groupwise system which I had an email account. The way I setup up for storing email was to use the local archive (it was storing all email files to local hard disk), then when I changed my job, they deleted my groupwise email account, I cannot access it now.
Right now, I have backup directory (archived email) in my local harddrive, I want to see them to retrieve some documents,
I tried to download groupwise client to open them, it was asking server name and login information, but all I want to do is open the backup folder as if I accessed into my local mail folder (inbox/sent other folder if any) so that I could see email messages..
How can I do that?, I am stuck (even I tried to import them (transend migrator that program ask login and server information),
Can anyone help me and 'save the day for me' :-)