Good morning,
We are trying to get this to work with a 6 member team so we can sell it to the IT group and possibly the Business but we can't even get started.
When you first login a blank screen greets you, nothing on it no options to configure or use. There is no "Welcome/Getting Started" box even.
No where is there an option for Teaming Navigator or Teaming Buddy list. Not on the page (where the user guide says it's supposed to be) and not in the "Add Content" button in the tool bar.
We can enter users but can't delete users.
Users can add a page but no content is available for them to use.
Yes all users are power users except for the admin.
Users can change their info but no one can see it and they can't make/let anyone else see it.

Very frustrating moving around in the menu's, it's difficult to explain but when you can't get past the first page in the user guide or the administration guide it's hard to verbalize what is really wrong.

At this rate I can't even recommend it to my colleagues, say nothing about the rest of the IT group.
Thank you
Fred Rowlands
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