we have a few windows 2000 application servers that get a permanent ip adress from oure novell netware 6.5 dhcp server.

recentely we received semaphore errors and dhcp server not found.

we found out that option 51 the lease period is a signed integer (31 bits adress). and that if you assign a date higher than 19 jan 2038 14:08 results in overflow to 1907. resulting in a negative date (see this site for a better explanation Year 2038 problem - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

unfortanly the netware dhcp server when assigning a permanent adress , doesnt realy assing a permanent ip adress it uses a current data + 30 years calcuation and offers that to the client.

i temporary fixed it by assigning a timed lease to 2035.

are there any plans to fix this behavior of the dhcp server ? or are there any other work around for this problem ?