I am trying to test the dfs migration on 2 node cluster enviroment.
the nodes are linux OES2.

I clusterized DFS which uses vldb service shared on a VMware vdisk.

When i try to migrate DFS from node 1 to node 2, the ressource hangs on "unloading" until I kill the process vldb manually.
When I migrate back (from node 2 to node 1), the ressource ends in comatose mode.

I thought the problem was comming from the volume, not mounted correctly. unfortunatly it is OK.
When I try "vldb status", It hangs on prompt with no errors or message like "vldb running".

If I type vldb exit before migration the ressouce unloads perfectly.
I tried vldb exit at different position in the script, before unmounting pool and after. It had no effect.

Do someone have an idea ?