What is the correct procedure to install and manage the DAS object?

I've got a new install of NetWare 6.5 SP3, with Radius from BM3.8 and
ConsoleOne NMAS snapins from the snapins included with ConsoleOne V 1.3.6d.
I can create a DAS object and configure an object name and password only
once. From then on the DAS object becomes unmanageble from ConsoleOne which
just locks up when you select properties on the object. Same thing happens
on new install of OES.

Tried mapping a drive from the Novell server with the same result (as per
previous post "no dial access object").

I then launched ConsoleOneDos from the server bin directory on my
workstation. It still locked up when selecting properties on the DAS
object, but the DOS box continually scrolls with this message: "Waiting for
reading vendor list from Attribute file"

Help... please.... :-{