I'm trying to use Bordermanager 3.8 RADIUS to assign VLANs to users. The
users are accessing the network via Cisco 1100 Aironet Wireless Access
Points. We have defined two VLANs on the network. One goes directly to
the internet for GUEST, VLAN1, and the other goes to our private network
MEMBERS, VLAN2. The problem I'm having is getting the RADIUS to assign
attributes to the user accounts. I need attribute: IETF 64 (Tunnel Type)
set to VLAN, IETF 54 (Tunnel Medium Type) set to 802, and IETF (Tunnel
Private Group ID) set the VLAN-ID which is 1 or 2. These attribute are
not available in the RADIUS.ATR file. Is there some way of editing the
ATR file to add these attributes? Is there another solution to assign
VLANs with Bordermanager?