We are purchasing the Enterasys 802.1x NetSight policy manager (running on SLES 9 with OES) along with new Matrix N3 and C2 switches. We plan on utilizing 802.1x authentication on both our wired and wireless networks. We currently use NW 6.5 with BM 3.8 and NMAS RADIUS for wireless MAC authentication and it works well. I understand that BM/NMAS RADIUS does not work with 802.1x authentication.

I have read the previous two posts "How to implement a secure wireless solution (PEAP/EAP-TTLS)" and "eDirectory and 802.1x wireless authentication" Thank you Jim and others for your ideas and information.

My question is, has Novell gotten off their hands and provided a solution yet? Will they? I will look into the Funk Odyssey / Steel Belted Radius software, freeRadius, and Radiator.

Are there any other suggestions? Any changes since the above postings in January / February?

I just wish Novell were more leading edge with the new technologies. It has been quite disappointing.


Owen Zorge
IT Specialist III
AZ Department of Emergency and Military Affairs