Hello everyone, we are evaluating netware 6.5.7 as a potential upgrade from legacy netware version.

The upgrade finished without errors. Server boots up and identifies the ethernet adapter (intel pro1000 gt).

But before any drivers load it comes up with a warning which says:
NBI: "PCI BIOS does not support protected
mode BIOS accesses. BIOS32 Service Directory can not be found."

The computer is a 3.4ghz pentium 4 (em64t enabled) with intel motherboard D915GAVL.

Since this is a testing situation, disk is IDE.

Should we be concerned about this message? Does it have to do with em64t? or is it the intel ethernet bios it is complaining about?
Hyperthreading and PNP OS are disabled in BIOS. Anyway, a lot of testing with BIOS settings has been made but warning still comes up.

unfortunately, such warnings only exist in novell knowledgebase about netware 3.12. (our original server was 3.12, does this maybe have something to do with it?)

thank you for time reading this.