I'm still learning. Mostly the hard way.

I have ZCM running on a Windows 2003 server. (Zenworks dies every so often, but that's a different problem.)

I have successfully taken a base image from a workstation.

I have set up an image bundle.

Now, how do I get a brand new workstation, with PXE working, to connect to the server and download that image?

The workstation times out on DHCP and then gives a PXE error: no boot filename received.

I know the DHCP proxy is running, because I successfully took an image from a workstation running the agent. Both the "old" and "new" workstations and the server are on the same subnet of the LAN.

In the manual it says to assign the bundle to the workstation. However, the new workstation doesn't appear on the list, (probably because it doesn't have the agent running because it's a new machine...).

Appears to be an impasse. ZCM doesn't see the new workstation unless it has the agent running. I can't install the agent unless I first manually load windows on the new workstation. But the purpose of the imaging is to avoid having to do that... What am I missing?

There has to be a way to tell the ZCM to notice a new PXE, and send it an image. I just don't know how to do that, and can't find the information in the manual, the help, or the knowledgebase.

I would also think that there ought to be a way to tell it to send the image only to specific PXE devices, and to ignore others. But that's an advanced topic. I just want to send one image to one new workstation.

Any help is appreciated.