It looks just like Outlook 2003. Wow. No Ribbon interface. I'm
shocked, but on the plus side everybody at my new job really likes the
groupwise interface.

The downside is that they want to move to Office 2007. The downside to
that is I want to move to Groupwise 8. The downside is that Groupwise 8
doesn't yet have an Outlook connector for 2007. The downside is that we
may move to Office 2007 before groupwise.

The upside is that I might just install Groupwise 8 long enough to
transfer everybody from Outlook 2003 to Groupwise 8 client. I know that
sounds silly, but I'm not ready to install groupwise 8 server yet. Lots
of things to fix before I can. However, it's a gonna happen.

My last thoughts on Outlook. **** it's ugly.
Matthew - The Great System Tyrant