Seems like deja vu all over again! I think I proclaimed the very same thing
earlier in the year when I got the vent cleaned and the old dryer started
working better. But this time it's for real. In the middle of October the
dryer started squeaking. Finally on Nov 1 it totally died. Sears came out
on the 5th, oiled the engine, said it would cost as much to replace as to
repair, so the guy didn't know how long it would be before it quit on me
entirely, but it wouldn't be long. It was exactly 5 loads later

So, I've actually been without a dryer for over 2 weeks, but I've been too
busy to deal with it. Plus the sun has been shining in Denver, and I've
been able to keep SOME laundry moving through the house by hanging things
out, but gone are the summer days of 5 loads a day. This time of year we're
lucky to get one load on the line early enough in the day to have it dry by
the end of the day. So having a dryer that works is very helpful. They
installed it today (I guess you can get just about anything on a Sunday in
Colorado except buy vodka and buy a car!).

Oh, and we also got one of these this year:

it's in the master bathroom, hanging over the bath. When not being used for
laundry (which means most of the summer), I've been keeping ferns hanging
from the laths. So, when the dryer died, I took my time and found a nice
middle of the road model that wouldn't be too expensive, but also would at
least have the features I want when I want them. Managed to keep the
purchase at $450 (you know there are dryers that cost $1200?!?!?!?!!?!) - so
I'm happy

Time to upgrade to GW8!