Hello all,

I have a large customer with a NetWare 6.0 FTP clustered service that is trying to migrate to OES2 clustered FTP using LDAP to point at eDir for authentication.

Currently users can connect to the FTP files either through the FTP service or through NCP from Client32 (mapped drive).

Although there seem to be several solutions around to let you mount NTFS volumes on Linux or be a part of a AD domain for authentication there doesn't seem to be a solution that allows both i.e. AD NTFS file permissions to be effective on Linux nor does SuSE FTP seem to understand NSS permissions - most CIFS mount programs seem to either allow full access or RO access.

Therefore I am faced with some ugly options:

1. Install a NFS client on several thousand PC's and use a NFS file system on OES so permissions can be effective

2. Use NFS on OES and Rsync it across to a Windows box with the correct permissions for sharing.

3. Throw out the OES part of the solution and use a pure Windows solution to avoid the unnecessary file sync'ing of option #2

Any ideas?