I have an OES2 server installed with netStorage installed but not
working. I've discovered that the following users/groups are listed as
local users on the box (YAST/USERS/System Users) but do not exist in
novlxtier (group)
www (group)
novlxregd (user)
novlxsrvd (user)
<servername>admin (user)
wwwrun (user)

My apache and tomcat all seem to work fine, as do all other web services
on this server (NRM, iMonitor, iManager), including the GW Webaccess

I suspect that NetStorage will not work because these users/groups are
not present in eDir.

Is there a guide on how to manually create these users, apply the
appropriate rights, LUM enable, etc?

What I naturally do not want to do is mess up the working web services
while trying to fix this problem.
Thanks for any help.