The affected clients connect fine to the BM3.8 server, when connected
to the web *NOT* through a UMTC cell phone. (e.g. from a home office
with aDSL)

The client shows this error message (translated back to English):
Application IKE reported an error:
Either %s is not a valid VPN server address, or IKE isn't loaded at the
VPN server. More detailed informat

in NRM the logs shows:

Proposal Mismatch - PHASE 1 Authentication method mismatch mine : RSA
signatures his : pre-shared key dst: src:
cookies my-his :0C4A6644620CEBA4 - 55F912B4F4F44B9A
ion is to be found in the IKE log.

I've found a posting of Massimo in a similar thread, that the provider
might mess up VPN negotiation packets? How to catch this to complain
such a missbehaviour?

Regards, Rudi.