After applying SP3 to the NetWare 6.5 server and a Bordermanager server, we lost
our DNS/DHCP locator. With the help from Novell Support, we were able to
reinstall DNS/DHCP and get it to work. What we found out after that was the the
proxy was not allowing users to authenticate to the BM server (these users are
on the other side of a router), while the users on the same subnet of the BM
server could access the Internet. After some searching I was able to find that
SAS and SSL did not initialize when proxy is loaded. Looking at a TID that
explains this the tid stated we install a version of NMAS that is oolder than
the one currently on the server.
Can anyone suggest or point to a document on how to remove and reinstall the LPO
or how to get SSL to work again. The SAS object are still in the tree, but
it's obvious that they are not working. I'm not sure how many tabs there are in
the SAS object but they are only 4, so I'm not sure if it's lost it's schema.
What I do know is after SP3 all hell broke loose on the server. We lost the
ability to upgrade print drivers to NDPS Resource,NICI was having issues with
the workstation and ConsoleOne, lost the DNS/SHCP locator and now SSL isn't
working. Can I just reinstall NMAS to get this working again?