I am posting this thread after much reading and discussion with other
folks regarding 802.1x and RADIUS. I have read many of the threads in this
forum but I am not seeing any connection between Zenworks workstation
objects and 802.1x authentication.

What am I talking about you might ask? Well, the way I am seeing it,
there is no other object other than an edirectory user object that is used
for authentication etc. There does not appear to be any option to grant a
Zen managed workstation access to the network prior to a user actually
logging into the 802.1x client etc. This kills many of the Zenworks
features and is a major roadblock. Things like remote control, inventory,
application preinstall. Approx 80% of what Zenworks does is related to the
workstation object and pre-desktop activities which require network access
before someone actually logs in.

Has anyone tackled this problem and how have you done so? Maybe an
opensource project to provide another option for FreeRadius etc to present
Zen workstation objects and the very secure private key that is stored
within the object that could be used for authentication? 802.1x clients
like Odyssey and Aegis provide for "Realm" authentication which uses
machine credentials but I don't see any support for this in the FreeRadius
world at the moment, only user objects.

Any ideas??

Thank you for any assistance or guidance anyone may have in this regard.