We have customer with NetWare 6.5 infrastructure.They have NetWare 6.5
SP3 Server, Groupwise 6.5 SP4 E-Mail System & Border Manager 3.8 Server
actiing as firewall, proxy etc.

Customer wants to install wireless Access Point from Aruba Network in the
building. They want some kind of Radius Server for authentication & it
should be integrated with current Novell e-directory infrastructure.

Does BroderManager 3.8 has got Radius server ?

Is it under name of NMAS Server?

We could not find any documentation about "How to configure Radius server
in BorderManager 3.8. Please let us know url or PDF file for this.

Does BorderManger Radius Server support Aruba Wireless Access Point ?

We created new object "Dial Access System" .

In Clients section of this object, do i need to add Wireless Access
Point ?

There is another product I came across, "Free Radius" & Novell has got
some tech notes to integrated Novell eDirectory with FreeRADIUS. Is this
product supported by Novell ?

Which is better BorderManager Radius Server or FreeRADIUS ?

Please advise.