I am working in a pure Windows AD 2003 Domain environment. We running window XP sp2 systems authenticating into an AD Domain, we are also using Novell Zenworks 10.1.0 for remote desktop management and inventory management. We also have laptops that are loaded with XP using the same method of logging into and authenticating to the domain. Instead of using the MSGina.dll we are using the NWGina.dll for the desktops and the SGGina for the Laptop because they are encrypted. We have Encryption on the laptops using Utimaco encryption. The problem I am having is with the Gina Chaining. What should happen is that the Laptop should load the SGGina then call the NWGina, then calls the MSGina and on the desktops the NWgina should load and then call the MSGina and load. The problem is that when doing a constant ping to system A we power on the PC or Laptop and the PC or laptop is not pingable until about a 1 or 2 minute delay. I manually changed the Binding order of the nic card so the MS protocols load first, then I am able to ping the system right away until the SGGina or NWGina starts to load the I lose the Pingability of the system for anywhere between 1 or 2 minutes. I need to know why, as well as possible solution to the system becoming unpingable for the period of time while the SGGina or NWGina is loading. Once the Ginas load, the system becomes pingable once again.