I'm preparing to Migrate our NW 5.1 SP8 servers to NW 6.5 SP7.

In our environment, we have one Tree with three Containers
(representing three companies on our shared network). Our
NW 5.1 licenses are located within each company's Container.

The licenses that we purchased for NW 6.5 are a block of MLA
Licenses (covering all three company's needs).

According to "Using the Migration Wizard for NetWare servers"
document, it's recommended to

"...install your NetWare 6.x licenses into your tree
prior to the upgrade . . . Use NWADMN32.EXE to
install the licenses in the container of the server to
be migrated or in a container somewhere above it."

Unfortunately, NWADMN32.EXE doesn't seem to allow a
selection of the TREE as a level to install the licenses and
if we install the licenses within only one Container, I suspect
we'll have problems accessing the licenses for our other two

Is there an option to install MLA licenses at the TREE level?
(Or must these be within an O= or OU= Context?) [Perhaps
iManager, as a Post-migration step?]

Otherwise, does anyone know if Novell will breakup an MLA
block, so we may use them in three different Containers?
(Or would this affect the pricing?)