OESsp2 on sles9. Linux neophyte; I'm a netware guy.

Set up this server just for running freeradius. Its running on a dell workstation...gx280, not "server" hardware, but its not being asked to do much.

Only big problem is that its been locking up at random intervals. It just freezes. no errors, no nothing...just stops. not much to go on.

Before digging deeper, I decided to make sure everything is all updated one more time, so I went into red carpet, and ran a bunch of patches. It wouldn't do them all without crashing, so I started doing them one at a time. Got most all of the recommended patches on, but the last few just won't go, without red carpet crashing altogether, with the error "lost contact with the daemon". click "ok"...red carpet closes. try to restart it, and it tells me that there is no daemon running, do I want to start one? to which I say "yes", and it proceeds. still can't run any of the remaining updates, without the same thing happening.

I tried doing it from the command line, and the error says "connection reset by peer".

no idea how to proceed from here.