We have been having two problems consistantly since we installed Novell Client 4.91 SP4 and the Zdfagent from Zenworks 7. All of our workstations are running Windows XP, either SP2 or SP3. We are using the IP protocol only, no IPX. We DHCP addresses.

The first problem is slow login, up to 20 minutes. After the user enters their credentials and clicks OK on the Novell login windows the screen goes black and only leave the mouse pointer visible. Sometimes the desktop loads, sometimes it does not. These machines DHCP their addresses from a Novell 6.5 server. If I reboot I can login locally as an administrator. We have uninstalled Zenworks and the Novell client and then re-installed the client first and then Zenworks and this works sometimes and does not in other cases. The physical machines are identical.

The second problem is that our machines sometimes pull down the wrong DHCP address. We have two trees, one for Admin and one for Student. Both have Novell Netware 6.5 servers. The subnets are Admin ( and Students are ( The only way the trees are connected is through a core router and a Windows 2003 server that contains our financial applications. Teachers on the Student side can RDC into the Windows server to complete budgeting request. On the Admin side the Windows 2003 server is the DHCP server issuing IP addresses in the range of ( On the Student side the Novell server is issuing DHCP addresses in the range of We have set the default gateway to point to the server issuing IP addresses. Before install Novell Client 4.91 SP4 and the Zdfagent from Zenworks 7 this problem never occurred. Also, even though we set the tree limit to one and specify the tree both trees are being seen when you click the Tree button in the advance tab of the Novell login dialog box. If a machine on the Student side sees the Admin tree you can not access the Admin network even if you have a username and password on the Admin network. Machines on both networks are being leased IP addresses from the other side. When this happens you can not login the machine using network credentials, you have to login as the local administrator. However, when you login to the machine locally you can only PING machines on the physical side of which ever network the machine is connected. Example, a Student machine get an IP address of, but can not PING but can PING No solutions other than static IPs on the Admin side have worked.