Is it possible to have a ZCM-server, serving pc:s and users on two
different LANs?
In an organisation there are two separeted networks, with servers, and
eDir in both. As I see it there is no problem serving them with one
zone. Many thing are the same, so it would be nice to use bundles and
so for both.
One way is of course to put the server/servers in a common DMZ, but
then all traffic has to go trou the firewall. Of course I can put a
satelite-server in each LAN, but at least in the startup i'd like to
have it on the priimary server.
To put two nics in the server, one in each LAN would solve it. Full
speed to botth LANs and two usersources configured.
Does anybody see any disadvantes with this configuration?
A see nothing about it in the documentation.