Hello there,

i am looking for a possibility to user just a part of a user's context as a variable for the login script.


User A: .user_a.department_a.company
User B: .user_b.department_b.company

We have just on system login script which runs from the OU "company".
For each department there is a directory on the file server with the same name as "department_xy".
What i want to do is map a drive to the users department directory so that every user has at least 2 mappings; one to his homedir and one to his dep.-dir.

Is it possible to extract the department from the context?
Variables like USEROU won't work as it is not the same as "department_xy".

Environment is NW6.5.6 with Client 4.91 SP4/5 on win2k and winXp machines.

Any hint is appreciated