I'm receiving the following message in my CASA ats.log every minute:
2008-11-23 23:47:30,537 WARN authtoksvc.Authenticate init()- SecurityException accessing /etc/CASA/authtoken/svc/auth_mechanisms/Krb5Authenticate/mechanism.settings Exception=java.lang.SecurityException: /etc/CASA/authtoken/svc/jaas.conf (No such file or directory)

This indicates, of course, that the jaas.conf file is missing. I tried copying the one in /etc/CASA/authtoken/svc/templates to /etc/CASA/authtoken/svc to resolve the warning. Since I've no idea what should be in this file, I'm not surprised that it didn't work. I'm getting this warning now, though:

2008-11-25 08:28:34,955 WARN authtoksvc.Authenticate init()- Exception instantiating mechConfig or mechanism /etc/CASA/authtoken/svc/auth_mechanisms/Krb5Authenticate/mechanism.settings Exception=java.lang.Exception: Failed to instantiate needed GSS objects

I've removed the jaas.conf file I copied for now.

A bit about my environment:
ZCM 10.1.0 (we have 10.1.1 but we're not patching until almost all of our clients get 10.1.0)
ZCM is running on SLES 10 SP1
We're running both eDirectory and AD, though the user sources in ZCM are configured to only authenticate through eDirectory.

What is the potential impact of this warning, and what can I do to get rid of it?