Hi all,

I work at a small collage that is going to be using the new Lenovo T400 laptop computers for our spring semester. The problem we are having has to do with the new fingerprint software and/or the new Intel chipset they're using. We're currently using the Novell Client 4.91 SP2, but have also tried 4.91 SP5 with same results, on Windows XP. The older fingerprint software worked fine with the Novell client and didn't interfere with the NWGINA.DLL. The new software doesn't work well with it at all and I haven't see anything about it online yet.

What happens is that once you install the Novell Client, the fingerprint software no longer works properly. If it loads at startup, it actually causes the computer to just hang there for awhile with the hourglass. If you reinstall the fingerprint software, it then works fine, but instead of the Novell Login at startup, you get the Windows Login.

I know the problem has to do with the which GINA.DLL file is being used because we had this same problem 3 years ago with the older fingerprint readers and had to wait for a Novell Client upgrade to fix it.

Has anyone else had this problem and do you have any recommendations on how to get the Novell Login and Fingerprint software to work harmoniously? Will Novell be updating their client to work with it?