Can anybody else reproduce this...?

GW8.0.0 ships with gwxl2007.xla 109 KB 06/12/2007

when run on Windows XP with MS Office 2003 I am seeing runtime errors the
first time I attempt a save back into GW DMS, I hit save a second time and
all appears to go ok.

If I remove gwxl2007.xla from C:\Novell\GroupWise (or C:\Novell\Program
Files\Novell\GroupWise for fresh installs)
and from C:\Docs and settings\profile name\Application

and roll back to gwxl97.xla 127 KB 08/06/2008 from GW7sp3hp1 client,

I no longer get this problem,
and, provided that I Save then close via small X and then exit, the DMS
integration is ok.