in a tree with 14 NW6.5SP5 servers in 14 locations we have recently added a NW6.5SP7 server to one location to aid the (very busy) server that's already there. We are planning on offloading services to the new server. So far we have only moved printing services.

The old server has ZENworks Desktop Management 6.5.2 IR1 installed (same as the other 13 servers). We use Zenworks for user/workstation policies, remote controlling, workstation import, NAL, imaging. Now I am wondering what is the best procedure for moving Zenworks Desktop Management from one server to another:

1) Does anything speak against installing ZEN7 Desktop Management on the new server (as opposed to ZEN6.5.2IR1 as on the other servers)?

2) Do I need to uninstall ZEN from the old server or just rem out zfdstart in autoexec.ncf?

3) What ZEN tasks are actually running on the server? Application management is all eDirectory based, right?

4) What change needs to be done to the workstations? Changing the import server for zwsreg is about all I can thing of.