I'm trying to duplicate a portion an existing ZEN 4 app that copies one
file from a Novell server to the workstation at login.
When trying to create a bundle (either a directive or file bundle) with
a copy file action, I keep getting the error -

"The path must be resolved by the device on which the bundle is run."

The path is resolvable on the target Windows devices, but not from the
ZCM server. Running ZCM 10.1.1 on SLES10sp1. Must it be resolvable on
the ZCM server?

The file to be copied is a database report configuration file which is
updated every few days by one or two staff in the clinical records
department. The updated file must be pushed out to all workstations.

I can think of other more roundabout ways of doing this, but this is
simple and works well now.

Thanks for any help,