I recently ran into an issue with our BM38SP3 NW6SP5 server where users
were unable to login and were getting various NMAS errors. The
recommended fix was to delete the LPO object and reboot, which I did.

Thereafter I got "NMAS Failed to launch" errors scrolling off the
console, and still users were unable to login.

I recreated the LPO, still no joy, then found there was no login
sequence defined. I defined a NDS login sequence, and the NMAS error
went away on the server, but some folks are still having difficulty
logging in, getting the FFFFF981 message. The only help I can find on
this suggests that this is related to not having a login or post-login
method that is not installed. However, all the these methods appear to
be available.

It seems all that works is to uninstall the NMAS client on the
workstations. Can anybody say what to do to fix this issue so that
clients with NMAS installed can log in?

Ken McLeod
The Delphian School