Hi. I've read every single post about the error "unknown RADIUS client",
and frankly it's confusing and frustrating. Is it too much to ask for
clear documentation from Novell? Anyway, I have the error "unknown
RADIUS client" on the console screen. The thing is, everything was
working fine this morning. Then I got the bad idea of trying to
authenticate mac addresses from our access points. So all I did was add
a new client ip address to the DAS object's client tab in console one. I
applied the changes, reloaded radius.nlm, and found that our vpn clients
could no longer connect. After a great deal of effort, I was able to get
the client tab to actually show ip addresses again, but we still get the
same error - unknown radius client.

Here's what is running on the server:
netware 5.1 sp8
nici 2.6.4
nmas 2.1.0

on my client workstation, I have:
nt client 4.91
nici 2.6.8
nmas 2.2.4

I've tried the following versions of consoleone:

I'm using the snapins from the BM3.8 install files (BorderManager3.8

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can fix the problem? I've resynced
my keys with sdidiag, and I've tried recreating all objects in the
system. I've taken my PIX out of the equation by trying this with
ntradping, but I get the same errors.
Thanks in advance,