Hi again all! I am posting here since info on this topic seems to fairly hard to find. I may have even posted something before on this but I can't find it. It seems that after installing Zenworks, it really slows down our PC's. It is most evident at startup. On the black screen between when Novell logs me into the network and Windows start up, it went from taking about 30 secs to almost 3 mins. I have removed and reinstalled several time to test this and it is confirmed each time. The bulk of our 60 user network has also had this issue. Could it be something in our group policy settings or something. Our network admin REFUSES to believe there is a problem, but being the person who gets the complaints, I hear it and experience it. If anyone has any thoughts or has had the same problem, let me know.

Thanks in advance ladies and gents!

Jami Benson