While troubleshooting an issue with ConsoleOne Rev H and GroupWise 7.0.3
snap-ins in the Gwise forum, we have hit another issue. I did mention it in
a post reply, but I think it really belongs in this forum.

Using a suggested fix, we did a fresh install of C1 Rev H / Patch 2. We
then reinstalled the NMAS snap-ins and the GroupWise 7.0.3HP1 snap-ins.
This did resolve the Gwise deassociation/association issue/object rename
issue we were having.

However, when we now click on a user in C1, or create a new user, we get the
following error. We THINK it's cosmetic, as we can open the user object,
and e-mail and such works. However, all LAN Admins use this copy of C1, so
we want to get it fixed, even if it's cosmetic.

API Library Missing
The Library GAMSWrap could not be located.

Ideas of how to fix it? We did look at an older C1 version, and we do see a
GAMS (Novell Graded Authentication Snap In) snap-in installed, dated 2001,
but we can't find a 'new' install for it, or what it's purpose is.

Thanks - April