Not sure if this is a client- or server-side problem, but thought I'd
start here.
In an office with about 40 almost-identical workstations, I have a
problem with one ...
I have a Windows XP Pro workstation (believe it's SP2) with Client 4.91
SP4, connecting to 3 servers all on Netware 6.5 w/latest service pack &
updates & so forth. [This is a new site for me but I did check to see
that everything was up to date when I was there.]

This one workstation is consuming -hundreds- of connections on the
server. All show the same IP address, but basically it seems as if it
creates a new connection every 3 minutes or so. So when I look at the
server connections using Remote Manager, I see perhaps 2000 connections
in use, and most of those are this one workstation.

I can't see any reason for this. The only thing I could find was "clear
existing connections" on the client, and this didn't actually make any
difference (to show the checkbox & to checkmark it on login.)

I have never seen anything like this; normally I think I am used to
seeing one connection for each protocol, from each workstation.

Any thoughts, hints, where to start?