I have the latest version of BE for Netware 9.2, which was running fine
a few weeks back, installed on an up-to-date Netware 6.5 server and
backing up a total of 3 servers. Recently started running into various
issues including one server running out of disk space, which was somehow
causing the Open Files "driver" to unload (giving an error with that
wording) at which point the backup would just hang, not abort, not be
able to be unloaded, etc. There were server reboots as the issues were
being resolved, because it was the only way to get things running again
once BE hung in the job.

In the course of the reboots, I -think- perhaps a policy file or other
file was damaged. At one point, I went into the Windows-based admin
console for BE-NW, and there was only one policy showing. Without
changing anything, after the next server reboot, all my policies were
showing again.

However, since somewhere in that process, BE will not run any scheduled
jobs. They show as scheduled jobs and "Ready" but never go active.
Same for new jobs, even just a tape inventory. However, it will run
immediate actions like Initialize.

I thought I had seen this error before, years ago, that there was a
corrupt file in the BE logs or similar, but I can't fnd any
documentation on it, and of course Symantec is disinclined to provide
any support for BE for Netware (a product they now seem relieved to have
decided to discontinue.)

So, any hints, clues, etc. ?

Again, the fundamental problem is that scheduled jobs showing "ready"
never become active (actually run).