New server Dell PE 2900, PERC 6/I, RAID 5, 2.0TB, Netware 6.5 SP7 from Overlay CD. Installed all after SP7 patches. Worked fine until install Backup Exec Remote Agent 9.2 for Netware. After restart, the server did not boot up. Error: "NICI CCS: Fatal - Initialization error. Controlled Cryptography Services are not available."
Everything runs OK until NSS. NLM started to load and I received message ” Volume SYS could NOT be mounted. Some or all volume segment s cannot be located. If this a NSS volume, the pool may need to be activated using the command nss /poolactivate=poolname”
Command: nns \pools don’t show any pools.
Cannot use command DISPLAY STORAGE DEVICES, but utility NNSMU show device PREC 6/i with right size (2.0GB), but don’t show any partitions, pools or volumes. The same is MONITOR shows correct all storage devices (again without any partitions, pools or volumes) .
Any idea?