Are there any Guidelines for setting up a Vista machine to do an
automatic login?
I have seen some for older versions of the NT-client, and it seems to
be different in different versions of the client.

I have a Vista machine, from the start without Novell Client, that
needs to AutoLogon to Vista, and then get access to files on a Netware
6.5 server. First I configured Vista with "control userpassword2" and
in there configured to login with a specific local username and
I created a user i eDir with the same username and password and used
CIFS to access the files. Worked fine fo a while, but I had som
problems wih application accessing files "hanging" for 1-2 minutes
while accesing the files on the server.
Installed Novell Client for Vista solved all this problems and the
access is now fine.
But now I have to login manually...
I need to be ableto have the machine to restart and then automaticly
login to Vista and Netware.
This was possible with XP, but have anyone tried this on Vista, and
can give some advise with Reg-keys and so on.