Hello NG

Sorry I posted this question also in the
novell.support.modular-authentication-services forum. I think this place is
the better place to post this question

In Our environment we have the following OS and components installed

Netware 6.5 SP4
Border Manager 3.8 SP4
Nmas.nlm 2.60.18
Proxy.nlm 5.00.14

When Proxy is startet through startbrd, on the console the following error
is displayed.

NMAS Launch Failed, Proxy Authentication Services down

When I unload the proxy.nlm the error message is not more present.

I checked the timesync and it seam to be ok. I reinstalled nmas only the
server installation from the BM3.8 CD but this didn't also solve the problem

How can I solve this problem? Some ideas?

Ramon Lustrati